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Hello and welcome, my name is Dina, I live in sunny southern California with my husband Rob, who works in sports and entertainment collectibles. I am a stay at home mom to two teens, and I also have a side custom cake business; So at our home, things can get pretty busy, and messy. My passion is baking and I love DIY.


I have just began on my adventure in organic gardening, and I must say that although, I am trying to have a green thumb, I find it a bit hard to do because I am so squeamish of insects.

I try to save wherever I can, but I splurge whenever I want! I am a self taught cook (although my mother-in-law had a hand in teaching me a few things, but don’t tell her I told you that!) and baker.

I come from a very large traditional family, and so does my husband. I have a’lot of family recipes that have been passed down from generations before me. Italian family recipes, Serbian family recipes, New recipes that I am always trying and good old fashion homestyle classics are what I will be sharing with you. I love the Food Network as well as every other food related programming out there! I began my baking obsession when my husband bought me a cake decorating class that taught icing techniques; From there I was HOOKED! Now I find myself learning new things everyday. From cookies and biscotti, to cakes and cake pops; My confectionery baking obsession has no end. Thank you for visiting me along my journey, I hope to share some helpful tips along the way!


I love working with companies to share quality content with my readers. If you have a product that would be a good fit for my recipe/food blog, please contact me fabcake@gmail.com I would love to work with you. There are different ways that we can work together:
Sponsored Posts
Occasionally, I do Sponsored Posts, where I bring awareness to a product/brand or service, that I feel will benefit my readers, and their needs. If you have a product that you would like me to showcase, let me know.
Recipe Development
I love to create recipes, and share them with my readers. I would create a recipe using your ingredient, and include 3 quality photos, and share the recipe on my blog, as well as my social media sites. If I love your product, I would love to share it with my readers. I would work for compensation + product.
Brand Ambassador
I would love to be an ambassador for your brand. Creating posts as part of a series, and being a representative for your product or brand at events, and more! If you think Savvy In The Kitchen would be a good fit, let me know how I can help.
Reviews and Giveaways 
I would love to review and/or host a giveaway using your product. I only promote items that I love, and use in my kitchen. If you have something you would like me to review or giveaway, contact me!

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  1. Help! I tried making the Mastro’s Warm Butter cakes last night and really screwed something up. As I was filling the springe form pans with the cake batter and filling, I realized they were very full. I had way more than a half cup of batter and 1/4 c of filling for each. I smelled a burning smoke smell soon after putting them in the oven. Is the butter melting and seeping through the spring form pan?Then the pans proceeding to over flow and fill the bottom of the oven with melted butter/batter and fill my house with smoke. Afterwards, I realized I never put the vanilla into the batter. The instructions never told me when to put it in. I also realized I forgot one of the 4 sticks of butter but I’m not sure more butter would have helped. I had way more than 2 cups of batter according to your specs in each pan. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi there! I am so sorry to hear about what happened. I see where, I did make the mistake of not specifying when to add the vanilla to the cake batter, and I apologize for that. It should be added when you add in the eggs to the cake mixture. I will fix that in my instructions. Each stick of butter, has 8 tablespoons. You will need all four sticks to make this butter cake rich and delicious! Next time, be sure to use measuring cups to fill each mini springform pan with only 1/2 cup of cake batter in each mini springform pan, then add only 1/4 cup of cream cheese mixture on top of cake batter that is in each springform pan. Measuring cups, are a must have in the kitchen. With this recipe, and the small pans, you must be careful not to overfull. If it is seeping from the bottom of the mini springform pans, you can wrap around the outer bottom of each pan with foil, before filling with batter. Try it again, and let me know how it turns out.:)

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